Success Essentials

Craig A. Palma is an employment strategist and career coach, whose coaching style is based on the belief that career transformation cannot be sustained without life transformation, where young adults understand their strengths, and weaknesses they want to improve as they make their journey to High School and College. His honest and direct approach to help young people find their career path has helped transform C students to A students, by explaining why school is important and illustrating step by step in his book how each level of school is involved towards career success.



The Success Essentials workshops help young people understand the different skills and techniques required to gain success. In school you are expected to have certain core requirements, in life and in the employment world, certain core requirements are expected as well.

  1. Goal Setting- What is your motivation for school and college?
  2. Assessment- What skills do you have? What areas do you need to improve to be better students?
  3. Planning- Designing a plan and defining who you are
  4. Impressions- There is never a second chance for a first impression; building your brand.
  5. Job Market- Understanding the opportunities, where will you be 5 years from now?
  6. Networking- Who do you know that can help you? Why do you need a mentor?
  7. Career Search- What do you want to do long term, what do you love to do?
  8. Resume- How to get your resume recognized by an employer?
  9. Interview- Impressing the employer to get an offer and how to follow up effectively
  10. Employment- Once you have obtained the job, how do you maintain and progress in a job


Employment involves different stages of development such as critical thinking, analytical skills, problem-solving, leadership, productivity, social skills, initiative, flexibility and communication and each student receives a book to help navigate school and employment.