Take the stress out of hiring teachers

You combed through over 50 resumes of teachers and you want to invite a dozen of them for interviews.  After calling ten, 5 already accepted a job somewhere else, 3 cannot be reached, one of them cannot fit your schedule, so you book one of them.  You realize you will have to call more than 50 candidates to book a dozen interviews.

During the hiring season, July thru mid-August, every school with a vacancy are vying from the same pool of teachers.  They are being hired fast!  Every candidate wants a job and every school wants to fill their vacancies.

You do not have time, yet you need to fill your vacancies, before candidates are off market and the new school year begins.

We can help you.  We do the work for you.  We schedule interviews with teachers that matches your criteria, according your schedule, so you can do the important job of interviewing candidates.